Hey you. Yes, anyone that’s single and reading this right now. Do not place your value in someone that isn’t worthy. Most of the people dating online are successful and hardworking, but just don’t have the time it takes to really make a relationship work. However, we have conditioned ourselves to think that it’s acceptable to have these pseudo “situationships”. Stop it. Remember what dating used to be like before all the dating apps? Remember when you used to find someone and vie for their attention? Now you have the attention of many pseudo “relationships”. Is it all worth it? Are we really going to find a life partner this way?

The answer to this question is, maybe. It’s only going to happen when both people meet with equally acceptable timing and have the same goals. If you set your expectations up front and are clear I think you could have a relationship that can blossom into something else. It takes honesty and integrity, something rare these days.

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